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Ms. Sara Kantorik

Miss Sara is the director at Adventure Place. Miss Sara has her associate degree in Early Childhood Education. Miss Sara has been in the field for over 20 years. She has been a lead toddler teacher, preschool teacher, assistant director and director.

Miss Sara’s philosophy on child care is that children need freedom and boundaries at the same time. They need to be free to make mistakes, explore without hesitation, and create their surroundings. Boundaries need to be set so that children learn manners, respect and how to live safely. Her philosophy is incorporated by educating her staff in age appropriate topics to better themselves and strengthen their classroom. She is always on hand to assist and guide the children in the classroom when needed and to offer suggestions. She works one on one with the teachers as well as a team to come together to make Adventure Place successful. She is always raising the bar for her staff and encouraging them to think out of the box. She thinks big and does what it takes to get the job done.

Mrs. Raelynn Thomas

Miss Raelynn is our assistant director. She has been with Adventure Place since October 2014.

She enjoys working with the families to support their child’s transition into our program. Taking the time to know the family and their child during the enrollment process is what she enjoys most.  She loves seeing the children’s reaction as she tours the facility with them.

Miss Raelynn serves as our number one resource for staff education. She creates monthly communication between home and school and is the person to contact in the director’s absence.

Miss Kathryn Dreher

Miss Kathryn is our Lead Cutiepillars (Infant) teacher. She has been at Adventure Place since April 2017. Miss Kathryn has attended classes at Walsh University and did her post-secondary internship teaching K-5 at Northwood and Greentown Elementary. She is currently working on receiving her Toddler CDA (Child Development Credential).

She believes that children learn and grow the most when they feel they can be themselves. When surrounded by positive, strong and enthusiastic teachers, the sky is the limit from a very young age.

Miss Kathryn plans on leading by example. She always welcomes the children in her class with a smile. She maintains the patience needed to help each child explore, create and grow to their full potential.

Mrs. Rachael Harmon

Miss Rachael is the Lead Teacher in our Amazing Owls (18-27months) room. She has been at Adventure Place since 2015. She has her preschool Child Development Associate Credential. Rachael has been working in childcare with all ages of children since 2010.

Rachael believes that children learn best through play and hands on experiences. She encourages play because of the research showing that it enhances the child’s creativity and allows for development of leadership skills and problem solving.

Rachael plans on incorporating her philosophy in her classroom by allowing children to make mistakes and learn from them. Guiding children through their mistakes will set them up to develop their social and emotional skills. Working with the child through the problem guides them into a reflection on how the problem started.

Miss Carlee Gross

Miss Carlee is our lead teacher in the Jungle Cubs (27-36 months) room. She has been at Adventure Place since August 2016. She has been working in child care since 2014 and is currently working on receiving her Toddler CDA (Child Development Credential).

Miss Carlee believes that children learn best when they get to experience and try new things on their own. She believes that when they try it their way and are a part of the process it gives them a better understanding on what they can do next time.

In the Jungle Cubs room, Miss Carlee will allow the children to experience new things in a structured environment as well as let them explore during free play. She is
very excited about being an integral part of the children’s most crucial months for growth and development and looks forward to interacting and learning about the children in
her class.

Mrs. Kristen Chase

Miss Kristen is our lead Teddy Bear (3 year-old) teacher. Kristen has a Bachelor Degree in Psychology. She has had many years of childcare experience and has substitute taught all ages. Miss Kristen has taken classes at the Early Childhood Resource Center to obtain her Preschool Level Child Development Associate Credential (CDA). She has been at Adventure Place since 2012.

Miss Kristen’s philosophy on teaching is that fun, hands on learning experiences make the best teachers. Her classroom is always digging into something and exploring in ways that some would think unimaginable. Miss Kristen is not afraid to get her hands dirty and is always taking her creativity to the next level. She is very hands on with her class and provides them with snuggles, education and boundaries all at different times during her day!

You will always find age appropriate themes and activities planned for her three year-olds. Miss Kristen is always challenging her class by asking questions. There is no better way to gage what a child has learned than by talking to them. Listening to what they have to say and hearing their thoughts is Miss Kristen’s key to being a successful teacher.

Rachelle Leaver

Rachelle is our Teddy Bear (3 year olds) Assistant. She has been at Adventure Place since 2017. Rachelle has been in childcare for 13 years.

When working with children, Rachelle likes having fun with them all while they are learning about the world and themselves. She loves interacting with children on a social level.

Rachelle incorporates her philosophy by having fun with the children! She presents them with new experiences to learn from. She engages in situations that promote social skills, manners, patience and respect. Rachelle loves hearing how the children interact with one another, watching them learn new things and grow up to become preschoolers.

Mrs. Nicole Watts

Mrs. Nicole Watts is our lead teacher in the Fantastic Fours; she has been at Adventure Place since August 2016. She is a graduate from Stark State College of Technology with her Associates Degree in Early Childhood Education. Nicole has 11 years of experience teaching preschool. She recently took some time out to stay home with her two children.

Nicole believes that children are naturally curious and want to learn. She believes that through play and age appropriate activities children develop new knowledge and skills. She will incorporate this philosophy in her classroom by offering engaging activities that will create confident young learners!

Miss Megan Cunningham

Miss Megan is our Fantastic Fours assistant. She has been at Adventure Place since August 2017. Megan graduated high school from Rock Haven Academy and will be pursing her CDA (Child Development Credential) in the near future. Miss Megan worked in a childcare center for 5 years and was a nanny for 10 years prior to her time at Adventure Place.

Miss Megan’s philosophy when working with kids is that they should get to be kids. She believes that they should be able to experience their world in a fun, safe, kind and creative environment.

She plans on incorporating her philosophy with her class by providing them with an atmosphere that allows them to feel safe, loved and gives them the opportunity to be a kid.

Ms. Rachel Murray

Miss Rachel is our lead Busy Bees (5 year old-Pre K) room. She has been with Adventure Place since August 2017. Rachel has her bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education from Ashland University and has studied for a master’s degree in Educational Leadership at the University of South Florida.

Rachel’s philosophy on how children learn is by hands on and real life experiences. She believes by reinforcing those experiences with factual information and open ended questions their learning can be endless.

In her classroom, Rachel will provide the children with stories, outside resources and environment that will allow them to explore, question and learn.

Miss Brittany Marquardt

Miss Brittany is our assistant teacher in the Busy Bees (5 year old-Pre K) room. She has been with Adventure Place since 2014. She has her Preschool Child Development Associate credential.

Miss Brittany’s philosophy on how children learn is by guidance. She has a classroom full of creative materials that the children are free to explore and set up to create anything they put their imaginations too. At any given point you may see her class managing their own restaurant to building the Eiffel Tower out of Legos.

Not only does Miss Brittany have everything the children need in the classroom to have a successful time with us she takes it to the next level and plans age appropriate activities for them to be involved in as well.

Mrs. Stephanie Boughton

Stephanie is our lead School Age Teacher. Stephanie has been at Adventure Place since August 2016. She is currently attending Kent State Stark University to obtain her bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education.

Miss Stephanie believes that each child is a unique individual who needs a secure, caring, stimulating atmosphere in which to grow and mature emotionally, intellectually, physically, and socially.

While working with the children, Miss Stephanie will help students become successful by providing them with an environment that is safe, supports risk taking, and invites a sharing of ideas. There are three elements that she believes are important to establishing such environment: teacher guidance, allowing the child’s natural curiosity to direct their learning, and promoting respect for all things and people.

Chelsea Molinet

Miss Chelsea is a Floater at Adventure Place. You could see Miss Chelsea in any classroom on any given day. She helps out everywhere! She has been at Adventure Place since 2017. Chelsea is currently attending Kent State University to obtain her BA in Education.

Chelsea believes children learn in a constructive way. She believes that if children have concrete experiences and interactions that they will build their knowledge from them. In the classroom, she will allow the children to explore their surroundings in a developmentally appropriate way. To help the children learn in a constructivist way, she will allow them to freely inquire about different subject matters and develop and implement lesson plans based on their inquiries.

Mrs. Vicky Witter

Miss Vicky is a floater at Adventure Place. She has been with the school August 2005. She has been a preschool and school age assistant and the cook.

Vickie believes that children learn best when you model for them. By showing them how to have healthy relationships when communicating with and positive interactions with peer’s sets the tone for a healthy classroom environment where the children will feel safe and allow them to explore. Vicky will implement her beliefs by doing all of that in any and all classroom she is assisting in.