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Preschool – 4 Year Olds

The Classroom
Our 4 year old classroom is the newest edition to Adventure Place. As our program started to grow, we were finding out that parents were waiting to place their child in kindergarten and having them attend preschool for three years. To ensure each child gets the most of their preschool experience we opened up a third classroom to allow the children to be exposed to a new room, teacher and teaching style each year they are with us.

The Program
Our four year old program’s schedule is a lot like our other classrooms. The children arrive, participate in free play for a while and then clean up and get ready for the morning. The schedule may be the same but the content is like no other. The class gets ready for the morning by having circle time and discussing what to expect for the day. The children are engaged in stories, songs and discussions about the weather and upcoming events.

Activities & Development
After the group is over the children are free to choose their activity, but the learning doesn’t stop there. While the class is involved in free play the teacher works with one to two children one on one. She does learning projects that she has planned for the day. This time allows the teacher to see where each child is developmentally and work closer with the ones who need a little extra time and challenge the ones who are ahead of the game.

There is always something new being discovered in the 4 year old room, either by her or the kids. Together, they explore it to the fullest!

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